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Bevans Welder is Pastor of Bible Believers Baptist Church in Corpus Christi, Texas, a church that he and a few families started as a mission in October of 2000.  Pastor Welder is also host of the weekday radio program, The Unknown Bible.  He has been preaching on the radio continuously since December of 2000.  His broadcasts can be heard Monday through Friday on AM 1030 KCTA at 4:00 pm, along the Texas Gulf Coast.

Pastor Welder is a 1992 graduate of Pensacola Bible Institute in Pensacola, Florida, with a Bachelor of Divinity.  In May of 1995, he received his Master of Theology.  He is also a 1976 graduate of Rice University in Houston, Texas, with Bachelor degrees in Psychology and Political Science.   Pastor Welder was formerly Pastor of Bible Baptist Church in Beeville, Texas, from August of 1992 through August of 2000.

Pastor Welder encourages you to listen to the Salvation Video on this sight if you are not 100% sure whether you are going to heaven and he encourages you to listen to the radio broadcasts on the radio or on the internet.  Also, check out the church and the wealth of helpful Bible information on the church’s website. 


Salvation Video